What is Battodo

Battodo is the martial art of cutting tatami mats Battodo is a martial art in which a Japanese sword is used to cut tatami mats that have been placed on a cutting platform. Depending on the Battodo organisation, there are many ways and techniques that Battodo can be performed and that have different purposes and disciplines from ours, such as cutting several tatami mats in a row, or cutting one tatami mat on the cutting platform quickly and many times. The Battodo of the Japan Battodo Federation is which a single tatami mat is cut on a cutting platform simulating that the tatami mat in front of you is regarded as an enemy warrior, and the Battodo is a way to cut it in a duel between warriors.


What is Seitei touho

There are ten katas (techniques) in Japan Battodo federation known as the Seitei touho, all the dan examinations and competitions are held by judging according to the degree of perfection of the techniques.


what is Kumitachi

Japanese swords is drawn and held ready, and a single tatami mat, standing on a cutting platform which is placed in the middle of the two kenshi, in which they cut the tatami matt in turns while facing at each other. There are five of these katas (techniques), and even the slightest mistake can result in a Japanese sword cutting and injuring the kenshi.

Kumitachi, which requires a high level of skill, is only permitted for high-ranked players. Beginners practise with wooden swords.


Japan battodo federation Explained

Battodo is the only martial art in the world where people dress up in samurai clothing and actually cut objects with Japanese swords. In our federation, we are promoting Batto-do as a form of samurai warfare throughout the world. A world championship is also being prepared to help understanding of Battodo.
Japan battodo federation https://nippon-battodo.com

Explanation of cardboard cutting

Description of cardboard on cutting platforms In Battodo, people cut the tatami mats used in Japanese houses. In recent years, fewer houses uses tatami mats and it has become more difficult to collect tatami mats. As it is particularly difficult to obtain tatami in other countries therefore cardboard cutting are used as a substitute for tatami mats. As a result we invented a cutting platform to cut cardboard.


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Staff introductions

Japan battodo federation
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Producer Fujita Ryo・Director Shoji Kazunori
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